Network Rack Systems

Enclusure Rack

TrippLite SmartRack Premium Enclosures
SmartRack enclosures are designed for secure, high density server and networking applications in IT environments. Designed with provisions to integrate cooling, power distribution and cable management, SmartRack enclosures make ideal homes for mission-critical equipment. Vendor-neutral square hole/cage nut mounting for guaranteed compatibility with all EIA-310-D compliant 19" equipment. Enclosures ship fully assembled for rapid deployment and roll into place on heavy-duty casters. Toolless mounting slots allow quick installation of PDUs and vertical cable managers. Adjustable mounting rails include an easy-view depth index to eliminate time-consuming measurements. Lightweight modular doors and side panels provide safe, convenient service access. Integrated baying tabs facilitate combining enclosures in rows for standard data center baying applications. SmartRack enclosures hold up to 3000 lbs and support cooling, cable management, power distribution and monitoring features that keep critical servers and network equipment operating nonstop. Perforated doors permit massive front to rear airflow that exceeds servers manufacturer requirements. Enclosures are fully compatible with hot-aisle / cold-aisle data center configurations


  • Dimensions: 78.5" x 23.63" x 43"(HWD)
  • Shipping Weight: 304lbs.


  • 42U SmartRack enclosure with doors and side panels
  • 4 interior vertical posts with unthreaded square hole openings
  • Standard 24" width for optimizing floor space
  • Massive front to rear ventilation capacity
  • 3000 lb stationary / 2250 lb rolling load capacity
  • Toolless keyhole mounting speeds up PDU installation and cable management
  • Easy indexing system simplifies adjustable mounting rail installation
  • Locking, removable, reversible front and rear doors
  • Locking, removable side panels keyed alike with doors
  • Split rear doors & new dual side panels perfect for co-location
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all EIA-310 compliant 19” rackmount equipment
  • Preinstalled casters and leveling feet and rolls through standard 7 foot doorway
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Five year repair or replacement warranty

4 Post Open Rack System

The QuadraRack 4-Post Frame provides a sturdy, cost-effective solution for supporting large rack-mount communications equipment, such as routers and voice or network switches, in telecommunications and equipment rooms and other network facilities. The QuadraRack offers the strength and stability of an enclosure in an open mounting system that provides easy access to equipment and cabling.

The QuadraRack 4-Post Frame will support up to 2000 lb of equipment. The corner posts are C-shaped equipment mounting channels that that are fixed 29" apart to provide front and rear support for 19" rack-mount equipment or shelves. The channels surround and protect equipment. Each rack-mount space is marked and numbered on the channels making it easy to locate and position equipment. Mounting holes are threaded allowing quick installation of equipment or shelves.

The QuadraRack 4-Post Frame can be used in combination with CPI Standard Racks (two-post racks), Cabling Sections (vertical cable managers) and overhead Cable Runway (ladder rack) to support a wide range of equipment storage applications. You can attach 4" wide to 20" wide CPI Cable Runway (ladder rack) directly to the top pan with J-bolts or a Cable Runway Elevation Kit. CPI Cabling

Key Features:

  • Stability and strength of an enclosure in a open mounting system
  • Provides easy access to equipment and cabling
  • Quick assembly with one-piece top and bottom pan sets
  • Easy to bay together to create multi-frame configurations
  • Use with any CPI Cabling Section to manage cables
  • Equipment mounting locations are marked and numbered on the mounting channel
  • Threaded mounting holes speed installation of rack-mount equipment and shelving
  • Support large equipment on heavy-duty four-post fixed and sliding shelves


  • Use to support large modular network or voice switches and routers in communications equipment rooms.
  • Use with shelves to support large, heavy computer and data processing equipment.

2 Post Open Rack System

The Standard Rack meets project specifications, will hold 1,000 lb of equipment and is UL Listed as a communications circuit accessory. This particular rackmount will support 19” wide rack-mount equipment or shelves with the Standard Rack which is available in two heights. (88" or 96") Equipment attaches to the front or rear of the 3” deep vertical mounting channels with screws. Mounting positions are marked and numbered making it easy to position and install equipment or shelves.

The Standard Rack has pre-punched base angles making it easy to attach the rack to the floor using a CPI installation kit for wood, slab or raised floors. Because most Standard Rack applications require cable management, CPI’s vertical cable managers attach directly to the side of the Standard Rack. Vertical cable managers organize cables by-rack-mount-space simplifying future moves, adds and changes to the network. The best solution includes horizontal managers in between patch panels and network switches to fan patch cords into individual port connections.


  • Supports 19” rack-mount equipment designed for two-post panel mounting like patch panels and network switches
  • Easy positioning of equipment with marked and numbered rack-mount spaces
  • Quick attachment of equipment with threaded equipment mounting holes and included equipment mounting screws
  • Delivers unassembled in a single carton — quick and easy bolt-together assembly takes less than 10 minutes
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for easy transport and positioning during installation
  • Quickly attach any CPI vertical cable manager to the side of the rack through pre-punched web channel holes
  • Floor-mount holes on the base angles make it easy to secure the rack to the floor with a concrete, wood or raised floor installation kit
  • Available in a color of black or clear and heights of 84" or 96"
  • Overall dimensions: 84" - 96" H x 19" W x 3" D

Rack Screws

Rack Screws 0100-1-002-01A 10-32 Rack Screws have a pilot point that helps prevent cross threading and guide the screw when being installed. Rack screws are cold forged and have a black oxide with wax finsh. These 0100-1-002-01A 10-32 Rack Screws .75 inches long and install with any Phillips screw driver or bit.

Portable AC Units

High End Portable Air Conditioner

The MovinCool Classic Plus 26 delivers an economical 24,000 BTU/hr of cooling capacity in a compact set-and-forget, portable unit. Delivering full air-conditioning cooling and dehumidifying.

The MovinCool Classic Plus 26 has the cooling capacity required for computer rooms densely populated with heat-producing electronic components, or other office areas without the need for expensive installation costs.

Entry Level Portable Air Conditioner

The entry-level MovinCool Office Pro 12 provides an affordable and efficient solution for cooling offices populated by heat-generating electronic components. Delivering 12,000 BTU/hr of cooling power, the MovinCool Office Pro 12 portable air-conditioner enables spot cooling to be implemented and deployed to meet demand.