Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic Solutions

inCOM3 enclosures offer solutions for many types of installations, from the data center to the workstation. Fiber enclosures come packed with features and accessories to better protect and route fiber. Zone and wireless access point enclosures offer flexibility, with ceiling-mount, under-floor, and wall-mount options. 

Fiber Optic Enclures

INCOM3 install Leviton fiber enclosures for all your project needs, including rack- and wall-mount, 1RU to 10RU, zero-U, high density, and application-specific models.


Opt-X® Series Rack-Mount Enclosures
Opt-X Enclosures are designed for easy installation and maintenance. Whether it's the Opt-X Ultra® for data centers or the new 1000i and 500i for medium and small enterprise applications, each comes packed with features for better cable organization and maintainability.


LightSpace® Enclosures
Specifically designed to meet the requirements of service providers large and small, LightSpace enclsoures are ideal for central office, outside plant and fiber to the premises applications.

High Density Enclosures
High Density Flush-Mount Enclosures are used in server, zone, or MDA cabinet applications where space is crucial. They are available in a variety of fiber types and sizes, and can accept up to 576 fibers. Our Replicator® enclosure provides one-to-one logical port management (LPM) replications of high-density fiber switches and other core equipment at main distribution.


Wall-Mount Enclosures
Leviton offers a variety of wall-mount enclosures and accessories, including LightSpace CPC and CPS Enclosures, and Opt-X 1000 Enclosures.