Fiber-Ethernet-T1- Broadband

Why Choose inCOM3 For Your Voice (dial tone) & Internet Service? inCOM3 is a full service provider of dial tone and business class internet service. As an authorized dealer for Local Carriers, inCOM3 provides all of the same products and services offered in your area. No more waiting on holds to get through to a representative and no more confusing service schedules. Make one call to INCOM3 and our representatives will immediately assist you in getting exactly what you need Call 877-817-0227.
Voice & Internet Services Provided by inCOM3:

  • Voip Cloud Service
  • Ethernet Service
  • Fiber Service
  • T1 Service
  • New Or Additional Phone Lines
  • Long Distance
  • Business Class Internet Access

Why Choose inCOM3 For Your Dial Tone & Internet Service? When you use INCOM3 to order new lines, long distance or internet access you deal direct with inCOM3 that means you’ll always have a friendly knowledgeable member of our team that’s ready to assist you. Instead of sorting through multiple plans and special promotions, simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with the absolutely best deal being offered, as well as setting up all the paper work and service calls at no additional charge. At inCOM3, call us today to find out how you can save a substantial amount of your dial tone and internet services.

Will I Pay More If I Use inCOM3! No You will not pay more by using inCOM3 than by going direct to the carrier. The prices on these services quoted by inCOM3 is always the best price offered by the carrier and in many cases inCOM3 to offer you special promotions that you may not be aware of and or reduce other charges on your bill through our bill analysis system. There’s no better choice than inCOM3 when deciding to add new dial tone, long distance or internet services. Take a moment and call inCOM3 today at 877-817-0227.

Facts About T1 or (DS1) VoIp T1

T1 / DS1 is a proven & mature access technology, capable of internet, voice & private network traffic.
A T1 provides dedicated bandwidth to the subscriber,
unlike DSL & Cable which operate on shared access trunks. Backed by stringent SLA, T1 has a track record of 99.97% or better uptime.