Surveillace System

­­­INCOM3 offers Commercial Grade DVRs that provide many useful features that other digital video recorders don't. The line of DVRs and Cameras we offer contains advanced features such as face recognition, missing object detection, and unattended object detection. It also uses the advanced HD- D1- MPEG4 or H.264 video codec.


If you are Looking for a Surveillance system or still using traditional DVRs & Camera, INCOM3 can provide you with essential control and remote viewing. If you want to put a full power to the best use, we can provide with a line of DVRs and Cameras products. Contact us for a free survey and quote at 877-817-0227.

Image Resolution Scale CIF-D1-720p-1080p (Full HD)

Dome Cameras

High Resolution indoor camera with 540 TV Lines of resolution has a built-in 3.6 mm wide angle lens, is a high sensitivity camera with minimum illumination of 0.3 lux that delivers highquality Auto white balance (AWB), has 24 IR LED's and delivers clear images even in no light conditions. These Dome Cameras comes with White housing and offers functions like auto gain control.

Surveillance and Video Cabling

Video Cabling is a very vital part of any video installation and if is not done by knowledge Technicians it will have poor clarity and connection problems.

Coaxial Cable can be closely associated with surveillance system, because most video applications require coax, but we also install twisted pair cable for certain Surveillance applications.

Surveillance DVR

A Stand Alone DVR that works great with Apple Computers and Windows PCs

• Complete Live & Playback Client Software for Apple Mac OS-X Desktop and Laptops.
• Live View, Search Playback and PTZ control with iOS devices: iPhone & iPad.
• Smartphones: iPhone OS & iPad, Android 2.1 and limited Blackberry.
• 16ch of Video BNC Inputs & Video Loop Out, 4ch of Audio.
• Backup to USB thumb drive and DVD.
• Video Out: Main Monitor Composite & VGA, S-Video & Spot Monitor Composite.
• Records 480fps (CIF), 240fps (2CIF), 120fps (D1).
• Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) with Network Bandwidth Control.
• Dual Stream allows for faster Web Browser & CMS CIF streaming.
• Network View on Windows PC: IE web browser or Client Software CMS.
• Windows CMS supports 196 cameras in a single monitor, multi-monitors supported.
• Create accounts with limited set of permissions over network.

CMS Software

The DVR Surveillance System can be accessed remotely using the CMS program. The CMS program allows viewing Multiple DVR’s live, playback recorded video and control PTZ cameras. It also allows users to have multiple DVR's saved making remote access a simple task.


CMS: Central Management System. (Software program for PC.)